Raga Search Wheel Using Phrases (Swarasamoohas / Clusters of Notes)
Guidelines for use of this Search Tool
Phrases, in this search, can be a combination of 2 to 6 notes/ swaras; e.g.Pr; rmPN; RGMnDP; To the extent possible, phrases containing 4 notes are preferred. The nomenclature of CAPITAL letters for Shuddha Swaras and small letters for Teevra or Komal Swaras is followed. Signs, such as, ( ),->,’ ’’ etc. are NOT to be included in the phrases to be inputted for search;
Sequence of the notes is important e.g. PgR and gPR or RgP etc. are considered as different phrases;
No comma or space or any such mark is to be included in a phrase;
A set of characteristic or distinctive phrases for a Raga are shown on the page giving Information of that Raga. They are used a Data Set for searching similar Ragas;
Phrases to be avoided will generally be fewer in number.
A visitor is free to search using any one of the following modes-
(i) Only 1 or 2 “phrases to search”;
(ii) Only 1 or 2 “phrases to be avoided”;
(iii) Filling all 4 boxes by inserting 2 “phrases to search” and 2 “phrases to be avoided”;
In case, a visitor fills both the types of boxes, “phrases to search” and “phrases to be avoided”; the software will display only those ragas which meet BOTH the conditions.
Option for REFINING THE SEARCH is available to a visitor.

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